CDL System

Firma z branży IT, która powstała w 1992 roku. Grupa CDL koncentruje się głównie na oferowaniu usług specjalistycznych.

The CDL business group was founded on 1 October 1992 through the establishment of CDL SYSTEM s.r.o The name CDL is based on three different lines of business activities, which were provided at the time of the company’s establishment – computer design (CAD), electronic publishing (DTP) and computer networks (LAN). The CDL Group focuses on the following basic activities:

  • construction of IT infrastructure,
  • design and implementation of systems supporting cooperation,
  • implementation of system (ERP, CRM) and vertical solutions including analysis (BI),
  • specialized IT services.

We had the opportunity to cooperate with NAV24 Sp z o.o. company, during the international implementation roll-out type in the polish branch of Grafton Recruitment and EMOS companies.

The Grafton Recruitment is a provider of recruitment solutions, management skills and HR Solutions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV optimized Grafton Recruitment with financial solutions, that increased efficiency of the company. Implementation contained accounting modules, sales and purchasing modules, tangible assets and also integrated the staff and wages module.

The EMOS company is the only distributor of EMOS products for the Polish market. The business core of the company are the extension cords, cables and wires, flashlights, light bulbs and other, such as products with LCD displays (alarm clocks, thermometers and weather stations) etc. In EMOS NAV24 has implemented general ledger, Warehouse Management, and also sales and purchases module.

We recommend NAV24 Sp. z o.o. as an implementation partner for all companies, that expect professionally rendered services and suppliers who cares about the interests of the company.  


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